Resinara is a handmade jewelry company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Resinara is a fun, creative and trendy business with a natural feel. Bringing creativity into everyone's hands.

Resinara crafts beautiful jewelry pieces made using beads and resin creations. The brand has a selection of quirky, trendy and vibrant designs. Customers can also work with Resinara to bring their own designs to life, with custom resin and bead creations handmade by founder Aisha Yahaya.

Strategy Process

We followed a strategic brand process to accurately position Resinara in its ideal market. We determined the purpose and values of the brand which lead to the appropriate voice and personality for Resinara in order to appeal to its intended audience.

We developed the positioning, competitor analysis, brand messaging, and identity through the strategy process.

  • Positioning

    Young creatives, artists, students, people who want something hand crafted. Primarily women age 13-35, determined by combining their current and intended market.

  • Competitor Analysis

    The SA craft jewelry market is rapidly growing as consumers are searching for more unique options. A common issue in this bracket is inconsistent, unidentifiable branding.

  • Messaging

    Resinara is all about collaboration, interactivity and nurturing excitement through fun, creative, and handmade designs.

  • Visual Identity

    Creative, Floral, Colourful,
    Bright, Fun, Exciting. Elements important to the current branding is floral, with a friendly feel, and soft/rounded typography.

Design Process

We designed a new logo that would help draw in new customers, while retaining vital components of the old logo that existing customers were familiar with. The new logo features playful serif typography with a unique flower symbol which could be used in various applications. The primary colour palette features soft colours, with the secondary and tertiary colour palette extending into more vibrant colour pairings for different applications. The visual guidelines developed would represent the brand authentically and consistently.

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