Brand Strategy

A brand strategy will help your brand find its voice, understand its customers and determine its business goals. Customers need to know what sets you apart. Through industry research, target market research and competitor analysis - we define your brand’s purpose, mission, vision and position. We help you find the appropriate attributes for your brand’s voice, look, and feel.

Marketing Plan

As part of your strategy, we will create an executable marketing plan that will help you reach your intended target markets with the goal of making regular sales and building a loyal following online.

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Logo Design

Our logo design process is informed by a background of brand values, target market and industry research to ensure your logo helps tell your story.

This process makes certain that your logo design is visually appealing and well informed, rather than a generic image without intention. We consider all practical aspects of good logo design such as scale and contrast to ensure the design works at different sizes and mediums.

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Social Media Content

We create content with the goal of solving issues the business is facing, instead of just producing content to fill the space. Once we decide on a starting date, we have a strategy session with you to determine the goals of the business - so we can create content in service of that goal.

Content Creation

We produce valuable content relevant to the industry and the intended audience. Types of content produced include infographics, blogs, images, carousel posts, etc.


We publish weekly social media content depending on the needs of your brand.

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We also offer a full range of design services from business cards, packaging design and posters. Get in touch and we'll tailor our services to your needs!

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