Once a Puppet started because I was lost.

'At a crossroads in my life, I faced a difficult choice: complete my engineering degree, which was draining the life out of me, or pursue my passion for business and design. After two and a half years of indecision, I dropped out and started doing graphic design for friends and family. I quickly realized that graphic design could only do so much; what these businesses really needed was marketing. So I decided to pursue a degree in marketing, and convinced my best friend Ashlin, an architect, to join me.' - Kapil

Stagnant and burnt out.

'I had a ton of ideas and a passion for design but lacked the motivation to do anything fulfilling about it. Kapil and I worked well together and were able to push each other’s creative boundaries. Through Once a Puppet, I was able to break out of monotony with a new purpose - take everything I know and use it to help others push their creative boundaries and find their passion.' - Ashlin

What is Once a Puppet?

Together, we founded Once a Puppet, a design and marketing agency with a difference. We're less traditional, less corporate, and more focused on people. We want to build relationships with our clients and help them achieve their goals, not just sell them services.