how our shirts are made

how our shirts are made

We all throw on a t-shirt everyday, but did you ever stop to think about where it came from? Who made it? And all the steps it took before it landed in your shopping cart. The fashion industry is rife with secrecy, but we have nothing hide. We care about the environment and every being that lives in it. This is why we at once a puppet feel a responsibility to let our customers know where our clothing comes from and how it is made.


All our t-shirts are made from 100% unbleached combed cotton, supplied by Rotex Fabrics, based in Atlantis, Cape Town.


Our apparel is manufactured by Edit Atelier, based in Cape Town.They are a level 1 BBBEE company with a 100% of their employees coming from a previously disenfranchised background. No sweatshops are employed in the making of our clothing!


Staying true to our ethos, Digi-T is a t-shirt printing company based in Cape Town.


Our packaging is a 100% plastic free. Each once a puppet t-shirt comes in a consol jar. The consol jar can be reused in many ways and it is fully recyclable.


Instead of wasteful paper tags, we use tags made by Growing Paper, which are 100% recycled paper sheets embedded with indigenous seeds. Simply plant the seed tag in your jar as instructed and it will grow into Buck Bay Vygie and African Daisies.

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