Dorée is a jewellery brand created with the idea of bringing bold, timeless, premium jewellery designs to South Africans in a sustainable way.

Carefully designed and crafted in a local studio, the design ethos is creating elegant and timeless designs without following trends.

Dorée believes in quality over quantity. Each piece is uniquely expressive to complement your individual style.

What did we conclude?

Through a strategy and discovery process, we determined the purpose and values of the brand which lead to the right voice and personality for Doree in order to appeal to its intended audience.

  • Positioning

    Dorée is primarily targeted towards millennial women. It is for people who have refined taste, are fashionable, bold, daring and have an interest in sustainability.

  • Competitor Analysis

    A competitor analysis was undertaken for Dorée. Locally the competition are jewellery brands in the mid to high end range. Brands such as Lorne, Pichulik and Dear Rae.

  • Messaging

    The tone of the brand is refined, honest and approachable. Dorée is passionate about uncompromising about design.

  • Visual Identity

    The look of the brand is Elegant, Organic and Bold. The modern and luxurious aesthetic reflects the brand values.

Design Process

Doree is intended to last forever.
The brand implements a circular economy whereby tarnished jewellery is repaired and redistributed rather than discarded.

With this in mind and combined with the strategy, we developed a timeless aesthetic for the brand. Clean, bold, and elegant with vibrant soft colours.

The photography has natural backgrounds with strong lighting to reflect the design ethos.

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