Samsara seeks to bring change and transparency to an industry that is responsible for the bulk of items in our landfills. Offering an easy way to reduce your waste without compromising on the convenience of single use items.

Samsara is a new way of thinking about the products we use and where they come from. The company uses a circular economy model where there is no single-use packaging. Customers order products in reusable glass containers on a subscription model. Once their products are used up, the empty bottles are picked up, cleaned, refilled and redistributed by Samsara.

What did we conclude?

Through a strategy and discovery process we determined the purpose and values of the brand which lead to the appropriate voice and personality for Samsara in order to appeal to its intended audience. We developed the positioning, competitor analysis, brand messaging, and identity.

  • Positioning

    Samsara is targeted at people who care about reducing their carbon footprint. These people are interested in recycling and the impact that the products they buy have on the environment. The target market was determined to be women aged 25-45 with an interest in eco-friendly products and sustainability.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Due to the uniqueness of the Samsara concept, it does not have any direct competitors in South Africa. The main competitors are zero waste stores that offer refilling of goods, such as Shop Zero, Nude Foods and the Unwrapped Co. 

  • Messaging

    The tone of the brand is transparency and honesty. Samsara is open about the source of their products and the ingredients in them. The tone is direct and motivational as the brand hopes to encourage people to think about the products they use everyday. 

  • Visual Identity

    The look of the brand needed to reflect the core values of sustainability and transparency, but also have a premium feel. The identity of Samsara is explored in the outcomes below. 

Design Process

Once the strategy behind the brand was solidified, we developed the visual and physical products that would authentically represent the brand's values. A muted and natural colour palette was selected to convey the natural and premium aesthetic. 

The photography for Samsara has simple backgrounds with natural lighting to allow the design of the products to shine.

The glass bottles feature minimalistic designs in the brand colours. The designs were kept simple as the bottles would be reused hundreds of times, so the designs needed to look timeless. The goal was to create packaging beautiful enough to live on a counter. 

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