Oracle Gaming

"Oracle gaming is a space for beginners and experts alike to share our love of card gaming and pop culture."

Oracle Gaming is the go-to tournament store for card players in Bloemfontein, and a social hub for all gamers. Oracle gaming creates a welcoming environment for gamers to learn, play and celebrate their passion for trading card games.

  • Where is the gap?

    Our challenge was to discover the market gap in which Oracle Gaming would fit, amongst other larger corporate and established companies in the local gaming space.

    Our task was to guide Oracle Gaming, with launching their new business, by discovering their brand values and position them in a way to capture their card gaming niche.

  • The process

    We developed a Brand Strategy for Oracle Gaming to show their voice, discover what sets them apart, and capture the right audience for the brand.

    We created a marketing strategy and social media content plan for Oracle Gaming to launch their brand, and outlined a direction for them to develop their brand, and content to capture the growing audience as they expand.

  • Positioning

    Oracle gaming is targeted at people who are passionate about playing and collecting trading card games. Oracle Gaming is about putting the player first and increasing participation for seasoned and beginner gamers.

  • Competitor Analysis

    There are a few old and established companies within the SA market. A common issue amongst competitors is a lack of visual identity, a lack of social media and online presence, and minimal interaction with the audience.

  • Messaging

    The tone of the brand is casual, youthful, informative, and optimistic. Oracle Gaming wants to be a second home for gamers. A place where a tribe of people come together to celebrate their shared interests, teach each other, and have a good time.

  • Visual Identity

    Oracle Gaming's visuals are bold, vibrant and friendly. We provided an outline and consultation to guide Oracle Gaming with developing a look for the brand that ties into their values and how the audience will see the brand.

  • Why it exists

    We discovered that Oracle Gaming had a strong purpose and reason for existing. The CEO, and face of the brand is an active member, of the Yu-Gi-Oh! and the TCG tournament space in South Africa.

    Oracle Gaming is driven by their passion, expertise and love for these games, which is something the audience can relate and resonate with.

  • The result

    Through our strategy, Oracle Gaming has captured a majority of the Bloemfontein market for Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon tournaments and merchandise sales within a month of launching.

    Oracle Gaming continues on this trajectory to capture South African audiences online, through an ongoing social media strategy we developed, where they will engage with their niche and drive sales to their e-commerce store.

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