I am lazy, Blog#1

I am lazy, Blog#1

Welcome to my first blog post, I'm hoping this blog will encourage me to be more accountable in terms of doing all the things I set out for myself. I plan to look back at what I've written in a week, to see if I followed through with any of it. 

So where are we now? It's Saturday 9am, I woke up early to “get work done”. I'm sitting at my table, staring at my computer screen, not sure what I should do. Open Steam, see if any of my friends are online. Go to YouTube, spend a few hours watching a Japanese lady make her lunches. Oh, would you look at the time, it's 12 and I am hungry. I scroll through several delivery apps while looking for the perfect meal. Everything is so expensive. Should I just cook something? No - I didn't buy any ingredients and I already spent so much time scrolling. I finally settle on something, order and wait an hour for it to arrive. Eat way too much, get tired. Maybe I should take a nap. This is what my morning is usually like. I think it was Tony Robbins that said, “Win the morning and you win the day” Its true. I used to believe I wasn't a morning person. But I didn't really feel productive at night either. I was just unproductive. 

So from tomorrow I'm starting my new morning routine. A lot of the things I'm going to talk about are taken directly from Tim Feriss. Either from his incredibly informative book, Tools of the Titans, or his podcast. I will talk more about Tim in future blogs. So, what is my new morning routine. I aim to wake up at 6am. Get out of bed ASAP, no more looking at Instagram for an hour. Then I brush my teeth, do 10 minutes of meditation. Since I'm a beginner meditator, I use an app called headspace, which has guided meditation courses. After I meditated I go on to do my morning pages. The morning pages is basically a daily journal, thats 3 pages of long hand writing. I will explain the significance of the morning pages in my next blog. After that, it's finally time to begin my actual work. First by listing what I need to do in order of importance. Then I create a quick spreadsheet ordering my day. This may seem like a very long process, but I believe it's worth doing, whenI think about all the time I spend unsure of what I need to do. So yeah, that's it. I will write another update tomorrow on what happened. It's probably not going to go exactly as planned, but this is the point of the blog. I'm not talking about a perfect solution, because there isn't one perfect solution. This is my journey to peak productivity.

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