Daily Blog #2

Daily Blog #2

It's only the second day of my daily blog and im already running out of things to talk about. Today I woke up at 8am, but ended up snoozing until 8:45. So tomorrow im gonna place my phone away from my bed. Just so I have to move to dismiss the alarm. 

Yesterday was a semi-productive day, did most of the things on my to-do list. But I got really tired around 4pm and didn't do much after that. So I think adding an afternoon meditation session or a 15 minute power nap would benefit me. My goal for today is to create a marketing plan for the release of collection 2 for once a puppet. I feel really lost with this, my only source of marketing is Instagram and my numbers aren't what they used to be. I have over 3000 followers but only get around 60-150 likes per post. So I feel like I need to be using more than one platform and find new ways to reach potential customers. If anyone has any suggestions email me or DM me on instagram. 

Oh, I also added timers for my social media and YouTube. 30 minutes per day for Instagram and 3 hours for YouTube(this may seem like a lot, but trust me its not, i think my next blog will be about youtube and youtube addiction). Just a short update blog for today. In future blogs, I plan to give a daily update and have a specific topic to talk about, like decision fatigue, Youtube addiction etc. Thank you to the 2 people that are reading this, I appreciate you.

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