Tikka Tacos

Tikka tacos aim to create a welcoming space where people of different backgrounds come together. Highlighting the cultures and origins of food and ensuring these cultures don’t lose their footing in a globalised society.

Tikka Tacos is a fusion of cultures based in Cape Town. The company prides itself on locally and sustainably sourced ingredients. Their ethos is providing high quality foods at an affordable price while staying true to the cultures it is inspired by.

What was the process?

Through a strategy and discovery process we determined the purpose and values of the brand which lead to the appropriate voice and personality for Tikka Tacos in order to appeal to its intended audience. We developed the positioning, competitor analysis, brand messaging, and identity.

The core challenges

  • Discover the values that give Tikka Tacos a reason to exist
  • Find Tikka Tacos' identity to help it stand out from the competitors
  • Create a look that ties into the brand values and appeals to the appropriate target market
  • Positioning

    Tikka Tacos is targeted at people who enjoy street-food culture and spicy foods. The menu is designed to be affordable to working class people on-the-go. People who are concerned about environmentally sustainable practices and local sourcing.

  • Competitor Analysis

    The main competitors in Cape Town are food trucks such as Tacos Locos and Bali Food Truck and. They offer authentic mexican and Indonesian street-foods respectively. Tikka Tacos USP is the cuisine fusion it offers and accessible pricing model.

  • Messaging

    The tone of the brand is honest, welcoming and humble. Tikka Tacos genuinely believes in bringing people together and introducing them to new food flavours.

  • Visual Identity

    The look and feel was designed to reflect the organic, fun, lively and quirky feeling embodied by the brand.

How stuff looked

Once the strategy behind the brand was solidified, we developed the visual and physical products that would authentically represent the brand's values.

A friendly and simple colour palette was selected to communicate the attitude of the brand with cute character illustrations to show different aspects of Tikka Tacos and to be used on branding materials such as signage and packaging.

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